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18/06/2019 - Cancellation Insurance at Aquadomia Diving in Marseille :

Recently, Assurmix has a new partner in the diving world: Aquadomia in Marseille.

Aquadomia is the specialist in accelerated diving training in the Calanques National Park.
It is a human-sized structure, led by Vincent Défossez, FFESSM Instructor / TDI Trainer Instructor / SDI -PADI and Certified Quality Professional ICPF & PSI Training.

Aquadomia operates from the port of Pointe Rouge, which allows it in a few minutes, to reach the most beautiful dive sites in the Calanques National Park: The archipelago of Riou, The archipelago of Frioul or wrecks of the sea. the island of Planier are all opportunities to experience exceptional dives.

Vincent welcomes you in private lessons for your training aboard his semi-rigid boat, he knows how to adapt to the needs of each and adapts his training to your level of the moment, which is the guarantee of your success.

For one month, Aquadomia offers for all these courses a cancellation insurance in partnership with Assurmix.
Assurmix is ​​the insurance broker specializing in your leisure activities, offering you holiday cancellation / interruption guarantees, insurance for sports with Assursport or Skiing with Assurski.

This insurance Cancellation will allow you to book your training, free spirit because in case of medical glitch preventing you from practicing the dive before your training, you will be compensated penalties applied in the Terms of Sale website Aquadomia.

Here is the list of the main causes guaranteed by Assurmix cancellation insurance for Aquadomia:

- Death, serious accident or serious illness of yourself or a member of your family.
- Serious damage from fire, explosion, water damage.
- Flight in your business or private premises.
- Convening or administrative or professional event:
   o Economic redundancy of yourself or
     your partner.
   o Convocation in court.
   o Getting a job or a Pole internship
   o Call for a catch-up examination.
   o Non-disciplinary professional transfer.
- Serious damage to your vehicle.
- Theft of your identity card and / or your
- Illness or accident preventing the practice of
  the activity, main object of your trip.

Please note that the cancellation insurance will cost you € 29.50 to guarantee training up to € 1000 and € 14.90 for all your training up to € 500.

This is the price to pay for your peace of mind, this allows you to book well in advance so you can choose the best dates with Aquadomia.

Assurmix is ​​very happy to have one more partner in sports and diving.

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